The Child Artist Kaki Tree Project Planting Ceremony

The Child Artist® organized the ceremony of the “Revive Time: Kaki Tree Project” in Felgueiras Library

The Child Artist® organized a ceremony to celebrate the “Revive Time: Kaki Tree Project” and spread the word of peace throughout the world.
The event occurred at the Library of Felgueiras Municipality, in northern Portugal, and had the presence of the President of the City Council, Inácio Ribeiro.
The “Kaki Tree Project” is an art project through which people can learn about peace and the importance of life. A kaki tree in Nagasaki miraculously survived the atomic bombing in 1945. In 1994, Masayuki Ebinuma, an arborist, started to treat the fragile tree and restored its health as to be able to produce “seedlings” from the bombed tree. Then Ebinuma started to hand out the “saplings” from the survivor tree to children who visited Nagasaki as a symbol of peace. After contemporary artist Tatsuo Miyajima learned Ebinuma’s activity, he wanted to support him as an artist and conceived the project.
The purpose of the project is to hand out saplings from the mother tree to children around the world and encourage them to express themselves through art with a theme of a kaki tree as they grow the saplings.
Children from the schools of Felgueiras participated in the ceremony reciting poetry and drawing art inspired by the “Kaki Tree Project”. Ms. Adelaide Oliveira, who is one of our master embroiderers and was also in the event, embroidered alluring The Child Artist® scarfs with the children’s art produced for the ceremony.
You can see these beautiful pieces in our online store! Come and help us spread the seeds of peace and creativity!
To know more about the “Revive Time: KAKI TREE PROJECT​  please visit their website here:

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